Modern and timeless front doors

Groke produces high-quality modern front doors. A broad range of individualisation options allows us to customise them to suit your requirements.


Timeless describes not only the design of our front doors, but also their durability. Through a combination of reliable technology and high-quality materials which have proved their worth over many years, we manufacture doors which meet all your requirements.

Home entrance area with a modern front door from Groke, framed by greenery
Home entrance area with a modern front door from Groke and beds of green bushes on the left and right


The word modern refers not only to the technology which ensures your personal safety inside the door, but also describes its understated, attractive design. Our doors complement the entrance to your home through the use of clear shapes and elements.


Our front doors combine clear lines with cutting-edge technology. And this combination of high aesthetic standards and specially developed functionality is the focus during the design and manufacturing process.

View of ivy-covered front of a brick house with a modern front door from Groke


Modern front doors from Groke – synonymous for the highest quality available on the German market. Precise craftsmanship, well-reasoned design and proven security give your home a strong, modern atmosphere.

Groke front door, close-up view of 3-chamber profile system

Added thermal insulation

The optimally insulated Groketherm GT 90 3-chamber profile system with added insulation in the insulation zone ensures full compliance with the exacting requirements of energy savings regulations. The low heat transfer coefficient shows that heat and energy losses are minimal.

Close-up view of the Groke GT 90 3-chamber profile system with additional insulation


Our modern front doors offer security, a precious commodity. Various locking and control elements provide effective protection against unauthorised access. For your safety and peace of mind.

Tested and certified

Signet DIN CERTCO – tested quality for modern front doors from Groke

Quality assurance

Modern front doors from Groke are quality products. Our production line is subject to continuous and strict monitoring with regular verification tests. (DIN CERTCO)

Signet resistance class RC 2 – tested quality for modern front doors from Groke

Resistance class RC 2

Opportunistic burglars use crude tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and wedges to break open a closed and locked door within just a few minutes.
Groke front doors offer resistance class RC 2: They offer effective and lasting protection against forced entry.

Groke front door, close-up view of three-point hook bolt lock


Front doors from Groke are equipped with a specially developed profile system which we have perfected through continuous optimisation. The reliable and adaptable technology used on the inside of our doors passes the test of everyday use with flying colours and absolute perfection.

Close-up view of a modern front door from Groke

Modern doors with profile

The high installation depth of our front doors offers reassuring protection as well as high resilience and durability.

All components are perfectly coordinated to create a strong profile with optimum insulation and effective thermal insulation.

Unlimited options

In the end, it is you who make our doors modern and timeless design elements. By contributing your individual wíshes to the design process, you allow us to create a door featuring precisely those elements which caught your eye.

Front entrance door from Groke with digital peephole

Made in Germany

Modern front doors from Groke are manufactured in Germany to strict standards. Regular inspections and certifications ensure compliance with our company’s strict internal standards as well as internal and external directives.

Signet Made in Germany

Groke employees at work


Handling and installation of the individual components within our company requires the expertise of highly qualified craftsmen with many years of experience. It is this consummate skill and craftsmanship of our employees which ensures that your home is quiet, warm and safe.


We developed our own profile system and have continually optimised it right down to the last detail. Furthermore, computer-controlled tools producing tailor-made components and careful fine-tuning by hand ensure the highest degree of precision.

Close-up view of a Groke employee installing the components of a front door

About Groke

Groke is a pioneer of the aluminium industry in Germany. The company is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of construction components and produces both modern and timeless aluminium front doors.

For generations, Groke has produced a wide range of durable, high-quality products, defending its position as market leader with flexibility and a reliable delivery service and by developing its own advanced aluminium profile systems for front doors.


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